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Testimonial: Mapi Marín Gil

Can you introduce yourself in a few words and your role within your university?
I am a Sports Technician at the Sports Service of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and I am in charge of the Competition Area.
In this area, we organise and manage competitions in the university environment. These competitions range from the most internal level, UJI competitions for the university community, to the international level, including regional and national competition programmes.

What attracted you to the SAMEurope project?
Through the Elite Athletes Programme of UJI University, I have been helping students, high-level athletes, for a long time, combine their academic life with their sporting ambitions. So, I think SAMEurope is a very interesting project that can make a difference for them to enjoy a Erasmus+ mobility as much as their peers.
The fact that they have to dedicate many hours to training and competition is an important barrier for them when deciding to go abroad and move to another university’s environment.
I hope SAMEurope will help them continue their training in a normal way without altering their competition schedules too much.

What do you expect from the project?
On a personal level, this is my first international project and one of the most motivating topics in my work, so I have high expectations. I am very motivated by the fact that this project will open new opportunities for DC students.

The project was launched in June 2022, what benefits have you gained since?
This project has allowed me to meet people from different European universities and is very enriching to know how they work with DC students. I have collected interesting inputs for my work but also for the conduction of my program.

Please share with us a surprising story or a fun fact about the SAMEurope project!
Above all, I was very surprised by the different structures at a sporting level and around top-level athletes that the different universities and countries of the consortium have.

As a personal anecdote, I would like to mention the team-building activities carried out during the different transnational meetings, such as the canoeing experience on a lake near Lyon and the game of petanque in Gothenburg.

Student Athletes Erasmus+ Mobility in Europe is the first project supporting dual career students in their Erasmus+ mobility experience, co-financed by the European Commission.

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